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Chapter 21 – Planning and managing literacy learning

Chapter Summary

There are three ways to plan the literacy curriculum—by subject area, or a multidisciplinary or integrated approach. Many teachers use a combi- nation of approaches. Involving children in the organisation and design of learning spaces in the classroom demonstrates to them that they are important members of the class and encourages children to be responsible for the learning resources that are available. The way the learning environment is organised reflects what teachers value and sends a powerful message to children, families and the community.

Study Questions

Main ideas

What is differentiated instruction?
What are the three main ways to plan a curriculum?
Where does assessment fit in the early years literacy curriculum?

Application to a developmental stage

How will various learning groups be formed in your future classroom?

Diverse learners

Diversity according to religion, culture and socioeconomics will continue to expand rapidly.

I wonder how all of us will need to measure our own learning and accomplishments with very different children. Keep on keeping on with learning is the best way, I think!