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Developing early literacy: Assessment and teaching is a handbook for understanding and teaching early literacy. It focuses on the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening for children from birth to eight years. It provides a comprehensive resource for teacher education students and practising teachers working in early childhood settings, including preschools and the first years of school. This comprehensively revised and updated Third Edition includes the latest research in early literacy, with a focus on:

  • consonant and vowel sounds in  phonological awareness
  • alternative phonics scope and  sequences for planning
  • high-frequency words  and decoding.

Dedicated new chapters on Vocabulary and Fluency highlight the latest knowledge and practical application in these areas.

This popular resource provides teacher education students and teachers with practical information in each chapter:
What do we know?
What are the issues?
How do we assess it?
How do we teach it?

Hear author, Dr Susan Hill, discuss
the third edition of Developing early
literacy: Assessment and teaching