4. Assessing phonemic awareness – Harry

Assess Harry’s awareness of phonemes in 20 words read by the teacher.

Before you watch the video

  • Read ‘Detecting phonemes’ in Developing early literacy: Assessment and teaching, 2nd edn,
    page 147.
  • Print out the assessment sheet 20 words for assessing phonemic awareness.
    (This assessment sheet is Figure 6.6, page 147.)

DEL Front CoverAssessing-phonemic-awareness

Watch the video

  • As you watch the video, use the 20 words for assessing phonemic awareness sheet to practise assessing phonemic awareness. Each sound scores one point if correct. You can practise many times and discuss your findings.
Videos acknowledgements
Thank you to the children who agreed to help us learn about early reading development and to Helen Bettes, Reading Recovery Tutor.

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